October 19, 2016

Francisco Herrera, Secretary Foundation VP

Francisco herrera Francisco-HerreraConsultant independent. Born in Madrid and degree in information sciences from the Complutense University.

Municipalist expert. Councillor in the city of Madrid was elected in 1983, remaining in the madrilenian Corporation until 1999. He was Councillor of the Area of circulation and transport and Chairman of the municipal Center and Fuencarral together. Areas of preferential dedication that has dedicated their work throughout these years are those of urbanism, housing and transport, as member of the boards of management of the company Municipal housing (EMV), Empresa Municipal de Transportes (EMT) and Municipal management of town planning.

He participated in the creation in 1991 of the FUNDACIÓN CAJAMADRID, belonging to its Executive Board from 1991 to 1994.

Member between 1990 and 1992 from the Executive Committee of the Consortium for the Organization of "Madrid European Capital of culture 1992".

He is a specialist in the study of the great European cities, matter that has devoted a lot of attention. Author typical of articles in journals specialized.

He has published six books:

The left in municipal elections (ZeroZyx. Madrid, 1979).

Big cities. Strategy of political Municipal (Foundation of studies municipal and territorial.) Madrid, 1991).

Dictionary of municipalism (1st Edition. T. Madrid editions, 1993. 2nd Edition. Alpha. Madrid, 1997. 3rd Edition.  Editions Civitas. Madrid 2000).

European left and can be Local (alpha. Madrid, 1994).

The large cities in the Decade of the 90 (Alpha Delta, 1994).

The system of cities in Europe and Spain (1st Edition: Alpha Delta, 1998.) (2nd Edition: FIL-FEMP, Madrid 200).

In 19981 founded and directed the magazine "A Priori", dedicated to collecting them elaborations ideological and the experiences practices more advanced of them movements social (environmentalism, pacifism, feminism, movement worker…) in Europe and America. It was the first such specialized publication published in Spain.



It is currently President of the Foundation for the progress of Madrid, a non-profit civic association founded in 2000 that made proposals and design alternatives with the aim of incorporating the space municipalist Madrid to the debate on the system of Spanish and European cities.

Is also President of the Foundation of initiatives local, entity private without mood of profit created in 1999 and specialized in the dissemination of knowledge technical and theoretical related with the Organization and operation of municipalities and regions.

Secretary non-patron of the VIDAPLUS FOUNDATION, a private entity non-profit that aims at the promotion of a culture of knowledge related to regenerative medicine.

Consultant associated of THIRSA, VALUATION and TRANSACTIONS, company approved by the Bank of Spain and registered in its register special of societies of valuation with the number 4459.

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