January 13, 2017

Carlos Rodríguez Sau

Partner leading the intangible assets area in Spain at LandwellPwC Tax & Legal Services, S.L., (which includes IP/IT Laws, Data Privacy, Tax optimisation of Intangible Assets and litigation practises). Bachelor’s degree in Law, graduated in Business Administration and European Law, LL.M from IE, Carlos is specialized on IT Law and Intellectual Property. Throughout his more than 18 years of experience, Carlos has developed his expertise in the field of IP (copyright, brands, patents and designs), management of intangible assets, outsourcing agreements and IT consulting, Know-How transfer, data protection, license of software, and other areas related to communication and technology law. Carlos has a wide experience in the design and implementation of global strategies in relation with the protection and exploitation of key intangible assets for the business of multi-sector companies and international business groups. Listed in Best Lawyers’ ranking on IT Law practise area, Carlos was leader of the innovation legal team within PwC Legal from 2008 to 2014 and belongs to the PwC team awarded as the third most innovative Law Firm by the Financial Times in 2015. IT&IP Law professor in the Instituto de Empresa Law School, he is also author of several publications relating to his field of experience.

Recent projects:  Analysis of the legal impact of the Digital Single Market Initative (finance industry). Analysis from an European perspective the impact of the EU initiative about a Digital Single Market (DSM) and how general regulation and specifically Banking Law, IT, IP, Electronic Identification and Data Protection, as well as Cybersecurity regulation could impact the banking industry in Europe and its level playing field in respect of new digital joiners and other global players located outside the EU. Advice on data protection in the design of a global saction’s control program: The scope of the services provided consisted on the analysis of the legal impact that the intercompany sanction’s control program could entail from the data protection side as well as the proposal of a set of measures to be implemented in the group.  Evaluation of a Project to segment a sample of their clients for the assessment of their online behavior and drafting a Legal Advice Carlos Rodríguez Sau Partner PwC, Spain Partner PwC 2 corporate social strategy program (Finance Industry). It was carried out an Analysis of the legal grounds in relation to the “collection and treatment of public and semi-public information available on social networks and sources accessible to the public.” Advice on data protection and information society and ecommerce services issues (e-health Industry). The scope and object of the services provided included the assessment on data protection, as well as e-commerce. This included a general assessment and response to queries which arise from the compliance of the obligations established by the Spanish Data Protection Act as well as other applicable regulations.  Legal advice on data protection&security in order to analyse the preliminary feasibility of a car connected project (Automobile Car Manufacturer). Coordination of the analysis from each of the countries data protection perspective where the data controllers were located of the legal implications that may arise during the project